The Summer Anime Season Museum #1 Barakamon


Do you like adorable, young but gutsy children? No? Well this is not the show for you then because Barakamon is set in a small island filled with old people and many young cute whippersnappers!Read More »


What “Ty” Think Of… Yowamushi Pedal

Being a teen aged boy, I thirst for the adrenalin and spasmodic moments in anime more then I want to believe. However as of recently I have managed to suppress that thirst with an exponential amount of Shoujo and other slice of life or romantic anime. But like a vampire dieting on only animal blood (aka Edward Collin) my Shounen heart beats rapidly for the simple, silly, action packed moments that is only obtained through watching shounen anime. On a curious day, I found what I was looking for but at the same time it wasn’t (by default) what I was “looking” for. I found Yowamushi Pedal.

Image                                  Read More »

THIS IS WHY I LOVE HUNTER X HUNTER!!! – My thoughts and Interpretation on Netero’s moment

Image                  “you don’t understand a thing… man’s potential for evolution is limitless” After watching episode 126 of Hunter X Hunter I have been in a state of complete equilibrium with the exponential amounts of “hype” and calm contempt. Hunter X Hunter episode 126 defines why I love the anime as it is (for a lack of better words) epic yet ingenious. Read More »