Autumn Season Museum update

In regards to my last post, Autumn Season Museum: One Punch Man, I’ve decided to remove it temporarily so that I can put together a single post that contains my opinion on all the shows that I’ve seen in the season. I’ve done this because I think that the short length doesn’t warrant much reason to read the post. Sorry for the inconvenience, a replacement will be released later.


London Anime & Gaming Convention Experience Part 2


So after spending about three hours in the anime related rooms, me and my friend (who we shall call Ino) finally went to the gaming compartment. It was here that I was finally able to experience the community I was only a part of through the internet. It was here that I was inside the computer/TV screen rather than behind it. It was the FGC (Fighting game community) in the flesh.
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Hey guys this is just a really small update that I’m writing on the train back home.

So I plan on uploading at least once a week – I’ve made it a goal to upload ten posts by the end of my summer holiday so now I have to do it! In this codified document I have also included many other goals for the holiday which includes writing for my second blog “whattythinkmusic” which will mostly involve analysing lyrics (mostly of hip hop).

Anyway next week I plan to upload part 2 of my LAGC experience and another post which I ave yet to decide on.

I hope you all are having an excellent weekend and I”ll see you soon!

P.S. I will probably delete this post when I upload part 2 of the convention coverage.

Experienceing Anime #1How I Watch Anime today In Comparison to The Past

Over the course of my viewership of anime, the way in which I watch anime has arguably evolved into something akin to pickiness. When I was first introduced to anime I was relatively open to watch anything – from Naruto to Inu X Boku and then to Asure Cryin without any real reason other than the fact that they were anime. However as of late, I have intentionally been viewing anime that are similar to each other – particularly within the same genre. In bursts, I would watch a panoply of Shounen anime – then break – and watch some Slice of Life. This change in the way I watch anime has definitely got reason behind it and I’ve spent some time figuring that reason out.
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What Ty Think Of… Parasyte The Maxim

Intense, agitating and acute. Funnily enough all of these words assimilate to the same meaning. This use of repetitive language isn’t simply just a ploy to make myself look intelligent when in reality I have nothing to say. No. Parasyte the Maxim exudes the word “intense” like how Kohta exudes confidence when holding a fire arm.

Call this imature but the way I described the beginning of Parasyte is “a woman gives head to an alien- literally

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So I changed my theme…

Hi again, this is a temporary post letting you all know that I changed my theme for the blog. I added a few things such as an addition to my about page and I added a twitter widget. I’m in the process of reediting my banner  but I’m going on holiday soon so I probably won’t finish it for bit. Anyway take a look around.

By the way EVO is on! Anyone watching it? Which game? I’m watching USF4 but I can’t wait for Marvel and most importantly; Blazblue! 

I Just Got Baccano!

Delivery man knocked abruptly on my door today. Usually I’d giving him a long wait before I open the door (a fitting punishment yes?) but I was far too excited to receive my copy of Baccano which many have given positive reviews of. I hope it’s good!