London Anime And Gaming Convention My Recap Part 1

Wow time sure flies. I was planning to do this last week on the day but I’ve been so occupied that I neglected on the matter. Neverthertheless  last week on the 6th July I went to my second Anime and Gaming convention – my first being MCM Comic con last year. This time I went to LAGC or London Anime And Gaming Convention a surprisingly small con held in London Metropolitan University. Im  going to split this coverage into two parts – the anime and the gaming parts since: 1) we literally explored in that order and 2) not everyone is interested in both I’m sure.

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The Longest Game over Screen


Whether or not I am giving a pummeling to Yeager In ToV, Exploring the vast lands of Hyrule or laying the smack down on a scrubby Teemo, I am always likely to face the immersion breaking “game over screen” called… life.Read More »

Persona 4 Golden The Animation Announced and Set For July Airing


Today the P4A twitter page announced that the Persona 4 animation series would be reboot by A1-Pictures, the animators of Space Brothers, Sword art Online and Accel world (to name a few).The musical score will continue to be produced by Meguro Shouji. He did the music for many of the Shin Megami tensei games and it’s dozens of spin-offs so a familiar name should be good to hear for you SMT fans. The cast of characters revealed for the anime series is as follows:

” Production: Naue Yu: Hanamura Yosuke: Satonaka Chie: Yukiko Amagi: Kanji Tatsumi: Kuji Lise: bear: Shirogane Naoto: Ryotaro Dojima: Nanako Dojima: Toru Adachi: Igor: Margaret and Marie”, and a new character to the Persona 4 anime (as far as I know since I never played the game) 

As taken and translated from the official P4A website.


Personally, I am very surprised that a series like Persona 4 the animation would be rebooted although it will have new character(s) and indicative to the trailer, a brand new arc, I just don’t see why a reboot is necessary. I haven’t played a Persona game other than Arena and I have only watched the orginal Persona 4 anime so I can only assume a lot of vital content was left untouched in the original.

Additional information on the anime series can be found on the official website for persona @ 


The demo made me default but now I’m bravely playing the game!

Part one of my impressions of the game and my first blog on WordPress! I will slowly get this done the more I play sharing good and bad moments until I feel like my impressions are fully conveyed.


After losing ten tries of the Bravely Default demo due to my indecisiveness of playing the game I finally decided to just try the damn game by purchasing it off the Nintendo E-shop. It was a very brave attempt on my part because before I was defaulting (no pun intended) and was playing a lot of fighting games (UMVC3, Super street fighter 4) so I hadn’t had any experience with a JRPG since well; final fantasy 13-2 on my 360. However, I must say after playing my first eight hours of the game my love for JRPGs has been re-sparked.Read More »