London Anime And Gaming Convention My Recap Part 1

Wow time sure flies. I was planning to do this last week on the day but I’ve been so occupied that I neglected on the matter. Neverthertheless  last week on the 6th July I went to my second Anime and Gaming convention – my first being MCM Comic con last year. This time I went to LAGC or London Anime And Gaming Convention a surprisingly small con held in London Metropolitan University. Im  going to split this coverage into two parts – the anime and the gaming parts since: 1) we literally explored in that order and 2) not everyone is interested in both I’m sure.

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My First Time In a Manga/Anime Store

The Other day I experienced my first time in an Anime & Manga store! Well more specifically Forbidden Planet, a store for everything nerd (comics, figures, anime etc.)  I took a few pictures of what I brought and caught my eye. Overall I enjoyed my time their although the time I discovered the store was in my lunch break at a course so I didn’t have much time to scavenge every section of the store.


One of my favourites so I had to buy it! Onodera should be on the forefront to be honest…

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