Experiencing Anime #3 Help! I’ve run out of Anime!


No doubt this is an otaku-world problem but I must get this off my chest. I’m running out of anime to watch- at least that’s how I feel sometimes. Now I’m sure that I’ve just pissed off the majority of my friends because they have given me so many recommendations that I have left untouched/finished but I do have a reason that may or may not annoy you even more. Whilst it is very much impossible for me to “run out” of anime, there are moments where I feel like just finished with anime, like I’ve completed my mission and defeated the last boss of a game. It feels like all the other shows are just side missions, a discretional idea that just comes across as redundant to accept. And I know that this feeling is narrow minded in that I am missing out on the prospect of a life changing experience but I can’t help what I feel. It is, in fact, a phase that does pass, however it’s a phase that can only be broken by a strong jumpstart. This jump start, in most cases, needs to be by an engaging first episode to hook me in and keep me watching so that the marathon begins and doesn’t stop – no matter if the quality of the show drops after the first episode. A very good example would be Kotoura-san (if I marathoned it rather than watching it whilst airing it and then committed myself to reviewing it weekly.) Kotoura san had an extremely strong start that, for the first time, pushed me to tears on the first episode. If I was going through the aforementioned phase, it would no doubt be broken by Kotoura-San even if the rest of the show was average.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me that goes through this, is it? Or am I just a minority? Honestly there are times where I look at my backlog that includes my favourite anime of all time: Katekyo hitman Reborn, Code Geass and Golden Time to name a few and I just feel like I could be content with having just watched those. But then again who knows? There may be an anime that surpasses the likes of all three of them.


14 thoughts on “Experiencing Anime #3 Help! I’ve run out of Anime!

  1. I think that is normal. I go through phases like that. I’ll watch a bunch of anime and then stop because nothing catches my fancy. When that happens I play video games until my hunger for anime returns.

    • Good to know its not just me. I was busy playing Metal Gear Solid 5 before I started rewatching Bakuman so I suppose it’s good to have side hobbies when Anime isn’t doing it.

  2. No, trust me. In my opinion a majority of anime is very diluted. I would say, due to their obscure themes. Being, overplayed out. It`s hard to find good selections. This fall season, is one dry crop.

    There`s hope! Here`s a few great gems: “Jojo`s Bizzare Adventure”, “Tatami`s Galaxy”, “K-ON” and there is a bit more. Are you watching “Working 3?”. I have a bit of reviews, for some good anime up in case, you want to check those out.

    Remember, you can always take a break. If you`re a bit, burnt out.

    Chrissy.C of https://saechaocirculation.wordpress.com/

  3. I have to opposite problem: it seems that there are too many anime that merit watching, whether they’re the latest ones or older ones. I tend to watch things very slowly, as well, so it takes what some might consider to be an unreasonable amount of time to finish something.

    With that being said, running out of anime sounds indicative of the need for a much welcomed break (as others have doubtlessly mentioned) from either anime or your preferred genres.

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