Autumn Season Museum update

In regards to my last post, Autumn Season Museum: One Punch Man, I’ve decided to remove it temporarily so that I can put together a single post that contains my opinion on all the shows that I’ve seen in the season. I’ve done this because I think that the short length doesn’t warrant much reason to read the post. Sorry for the inconvenience, a replacement will be released later.


Experiencing Anime #3 Help! I’ve run out of Anime!


No doubt this is an otaku-world problem but I must get this off my chest. I’m running out of anime to watch- at least that’s how I feel sometimes. Now I’m sure that I’ve just pissed off the majority of my friends because they have given me so many recommendations that I have left untouched/finished but I do have a reason that may or may not annoy you even more.Read More »