WhatTyThink of…Bakuman’s Takuro Nakai: is he A Hopeless dreamer or a lustful fool? (WTT Mini)

So I’ve literally just stopped half way through Bakuman Season 2 episode 3 with the fear that the opinion that I’m basing this post on will fade away shortly after I finish watching the episode. Today’s post is a WhatTyThink Mini on the Character of Nakai in JC Staff’s adaptation of the manga Bakuman. This type of post will be akin to that of a character analysis or evaluation where I give you guys the rundown of what I think about the character that is Nakai Takuro.Read More »


The Sunshine Award – Couretsy of Inifinitemirai

So I was nominated by infinitemirai from The Infinite Zenith blog to partake in the Sunshine Award. I haven’t done anything like this before since I’m pretty new to the Anime-blogging community considering the real time that I’ve spent on this site (something akin to 3 months) opposed to the time I started which is about a year ago. Anyway I would like to extend my thanks to Infinitemirai for giving me both the opportunity to do something like this and also for giving me a reason to stretch these rested writing fingers of mine.

Here are the rules – courtesy of infinitemirai

screenshotRead More »