(Mini) What Ty Think of… Durarara X2 Shou

My personal summer anime line up anime line up has consisted of the following: Drrr, Drrr!! and Durarara. What that’s the same show you say? Yes, yes it is.

Whattythink Mini is not quite my conventional whattythink review series because the show isn’t truly complete, but it’s not a first impression either. WhatTyThink Mini is more of my general thoughts on a segment/arc/saga of a show and therefore lacks my final judgements on factors like Animation, Music and Story. This is a minimal spoiler edition accessible to both DRRR fans that’ve seen all seasons to date and fans that have only seen the first season.

drrr x2 1

Ok I’ve watched a (very small) few anime this summer but for the purpose of today let’s just say Durarara has been a vital part of it – which it has been. As of today I have started and finished the first twelve episodes of Durarara X2 Shou which is the first part to a three chapter/arc season of Durarara.*In a nutshell the series of episodes consisted of the introductions to a few new factions within the city of Ikebukuro along with the ever expected new characters including Vorona, Aoba and Chikage to name but a few.

Just a small ramble but can we really call a show that is spanning across three seasons intermittently a single season??

6 months after the events of the first season, Ikebukuro seems to be as it always has been. The Dollars are still the loosely organised group that we know it as, Mikado and Anri haven’t gotten much closer and Kido is still on his lovey dovey retreat with his girlfriend Mika. All’s well until the semester starts and hostile forces are mysteriously taking over the spotlight in the city: a masked killer has been on the loose, the Yakuza has been sighted to be at war and a new gang has invaded the city to war with the Dollars after the Dollars’ behaviour was unacceptable in the rival gang’s home turf. Just as Durarara is known to do, all these various events, and more end up slowly becoming interwoven into one big melting pot of chaos. It is important to note that story has only just begun however. Durarara X2 Shou is more of a prologue to an epic battle rather than a complete series – which makes sense since its three chapters long. However being a dubbed only view (I came in with the dub and so I’ll stick to it) I am already finding it distressing to have to wait until X2 “Hen” ends it’s Japanese run and is dubbed. Durarara tends to be a show that never disappoints, the way its structured to keep the viewer intrigued by skipping around through time keeps the show interesting and ever so unpredictable. Unlike most anime Durarara in general lacks the linear story telling approach that plagues anime with being predictable and I love that! It’s like being a detective trying to solve a case whilst lacking the context to do it. Sticking to X2 Shou, the story definitely feels like a worthy continuation rather than a milked add on to a completed series. Thank goodness I was able to say that about this since another show I’ve been watching (Eureka Seven) does the latter…


In terms of characters, I think that we have quite a cast in this season. Aoba comes across as very Izaya like, leading Mikado along into a trap, our young “gangsta” of the season Akane is very adorable and I love the dynamic we have with her and Shizuo – I’m hoping to see more of that later – and the white knight (??) of the show Chikage is by far the coolest character among the new kids on the block, challenging the man Shizuo himself and matching fists with Kyouhei the face of the Dollars! Along with the freshmen of the show, our resident Drrr cast are still active in some ways. I think the most important of these main cast characters would be Mikado, unlike last season where I think he played more of a supporting character who the viewer grows with, here I think Mikado has become more of an actual player of the underground game. He’s now trying to live in the city and its darkness rather than with it. Of course this is thanks to Aoba and his meddling… Aoba was definitely an integral part of the series since he is the character that tests Mikado’s identity – Aoba wants to push him to be the leader of his life in Ikebukuro even if he’s only doing it for manipulative reasons. Mikado is finally coming out of himself but just like Terrel from TheInsaneGameFreak said “I think I’m going to hate Mikado” after this transition. Of course Celty is still the big sister of the show and I doubt she’ll change much as we go on in the show.

So with that minimum spoiler opinion piece on DRRR X2 Shou, I have to say I am really enjoying this series and I do not regret making it the priority this summer – you should check it out! Whilst this was mainly about season 2, I did dabble in DRRR as a series in general and I found it hard to delve into things without also mentioning DRRR as a whole piece of work. Therefore I hope to do a “WhatTyThink” review on the series in the future – especially since as of yesterday I finished REwatching the show!


2 thoughts on “(Mini) What Ty Think of… Durarara X2 Shou

  1. I loved season one so it is good to read a positive write up on the follow up. The reception to X2 has been mixed so I hope that when I eventually check it out I enjoy it as much as you do.

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