5 Anime related Songs I Have Enjoyed

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of music (and making it) although most of it has been hip-hop, my soundcloud has a lot of anime-centric musicians from when I used to be crazy about song covers, or anime influenced music. I thought I’d share 5 of what I’ve got on my playlist to you guys!

1) An extremely cute arrangement of: Dont Lose your Way from Kill La Kill    

2) Eh Ah Sou? (Vocaloid English cover) Ashestoashesjc does covers of a lot of vocaloid music and he makes them so Jazzy and so damn cool! 

3)  Kagerou Days English Cover By Jubyphonic – yes another cover artist… but they’re just too good! Personally I prefer her covers of songs more than the real thing most of the time. 

4) Let me be with you by cryjng. This. It’s a hip hop beat I just heard the other day and it just sounds amazing. Cryjing makes a lot of emotional music sampling from anime shows – in this case Chobits which I’ve yet to watch but this song makes me want to so badly. 

5) Gundam Rap by Richie Branson. This guys is one of my favourite anime artists let alone rapper (and there are surprisingly a lot) this is his most recent song, but right now (yes literally now) I’m listening to “A letter to  Squaresoft” on youtube which I would’ve placed here but I want to stick to the soundcloud trend. 

So those are five anime related artists that I like to have on my play rotation. Do you have any to recommend? Did you enjoy any of my recommendations? Tell me in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “5 Anime related Songs I Have Enjoyed

  1. I concur that “Let me be with you” is a fantastic song: there were numerous titles in Chobits (“Katakoto no Koi”, “Soshite Sekai wa Kyou mo Hajimaru”, “Ningyo Hime”, amongst others) that were superbly composed and highly emotional. Other anime songs I count as my favourite include (but are not limited to) Glasslip‘s “Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe” and Angel Beats‘ “My Soul, Your Beats”. Of course, with nearly 46 hours of anime music, I could be here all day listing out songs I like 🙂

    • I agree I have so many terrific songs in my backlog. I might have to do another list pertaining to music used in anime (OST) sometime… I’ll have to give Chobits a try sometime after what I’ve seen of it recently I hope it lives up to the music!

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