London Anime & Gaming Convention Experience Part 2


So after spending about three hours in the anime related rooms, me and my friend (who we shall call Ino) finally went to the gaming compartment. It was here that I was finally able to experience the community I was only a part of through the internet. It was here that I was inside the computer/TV screen rather than behind it. It was the FGC (Fighting game community) in the flesh.
You guys may not know this but I love fighting games – maybe as much as I love anime. So when the first room in the gaming section was all about them I went ballistic. I (lightly) pushed my friend aside and scanned every game and gamer; from SSFIV to Mortal Kombat there were players and games in abundance. Ultra Street Fighter 4 was by far the most poplar game second only to Smash Bros and I didn’t get the chance to play either. But that wasn’t the point, it was the fact that I was able to watch and experience the hype in the flesh that was what enticed me.
The next room was a continuation of my FGC fantasy as it was the tournament room. It was here that I entered my first ever tournament. This was a very small one of only several of us but a tournament none the less. It was for playing a mystery game on the PS2. I was super hyped up in the first round and guess what… I won… by default. My first opponent bailed on me before I even learned what the mystery game was. The second game they picked was called “Angel Fighters” and it was this WWE x Anime x Ecchi game that involved beating up your opponent with suspect grapple holds in bikinis. The controls were were dodgy but it was a fun game none the less. That’s the thing about mystery games – it’s all about finding the right buttons to do the best moves. Anyway I lost in the semi finals The final was actually Capcom vs SNK which annoyed me because Street Fighter is my avenue.

To be honest now I’m going to back track a little bit because I skipped over the Indie room. I was so excited to share my experience with the FGC I didn’t want to lose the excitement by writing about something that was a little more… tedious for me. Basically, the indie room was this big room (similar to the art room from the previous part) that had indie developers promoting their games. Personally I’m not much of a fan of indie games (even though I support their motivations) so when we got there and Ino was going crazy about the place – being a Computing student and so on -I was more passive. I just wanted to leave. The mobile games? I’m not a mobile gamer. The arcade games? Meh they weren’t to my preference. Honestly it just wasn’t my style. The best thing I got from that place was the free download codes because who doesn’t like freebies?

Essentially that was my experience at the LAGC’s gaming section. Overall I had a fun time since I finally got to see my community in it’s natural form. Plus I did get to play Final Fantasy 15 (verses 13) on the PS4 for the first time so that’s something in itself. I hope you enjoyed this two part experience section – I’m going to try and post more when I go to things like this. But until then, I’ll see you guys in my next post!

*edit* I have a few videos recorded on my iphone from snapchat but until I can figure out how to transfer them to here the post will remain text only


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