Experiencing Anime Part 2 Marathoning or Weekly Watching?

Last time we spoke of the ways in which I have been watching anime recently in comparison to the way I used to in the past. I would like to continue this theme today by asking you guys a question in regards to the way you choose to watch anime – do you prefer to watch anime weekly or through marathon-ing them in succession?

Of course it goes without saying that most anime fans do both – some anime are finished so marathoning them would occur almost definitely. However when it comes to seasonal anime, I often find that it’s better to just wait for the show to finish airing regardless of the “hype train” that it may be running. Generally I prefer to marathon shows because I become much more immersed in the series than I would normally do when watching it weekly. Characters are a lot less forgettable, anticipation doesn’t run dry by exterior events in life like going to school in between episodes would and also, the sheer control I have over what I watch just appeals to me more.

This sense of “control” is lost when you watch it weekly since you’re sticking to a predetermined timetable. I’ve come to recognise that a lot of people who watch anime weekly actually prefer this lack of control- they tell me it feels more climatic as the act of waiting 7 days brings them a sense of thrill. I can’t necessarily disagree with this myself as my experience in watching Hunter X Hunter 2011 every week consistently over 130 or so weeks was defiantly one of the greatest experiences I have yet.

Although marathoning anime feels more appealing to me right now, this preference of mine maybe subject to change. Right now I’m watching Oregairu SNAFU Too weekly this season along with the Assassination Classroom dub which both are very enjoyable. Perhaps my opinion stems from the status of the anime I’ve marathoned in comparison to those I’ve watched weekly. For example Code Geass, Ano Hana, Death Note etc. are all anime I’ve marathoned, maybe if I was able to watch them weekly my experience would have been better… who knows. But anyway that’s just what I think – tell me what you think in the comments below.


Experienceing Anime #1How I Watch Anime today In Comparison to The Past

Over the course of my viewership of anime, the way in which I watch anime has arguably evolved into something akin to pickiness. When I was first introduced to anime I was relatively open to watch anything – from Naruto to Inu X Boku and then to Asure Cryin without any real reason other than the fact that they were anime. However as of late, I have intentionally been viewing anime that are similar to each other – particularly within the same genre. In bursts, I would watch a panoply of Shounen anime – then break – and watch some Slice of Life. This change in the way I watch anime has definitely got reason behind it and I’ve spent some time figuring that reason out.
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