Best girl: Onodera!

After tons of examinations I have finally come to the conclusion that best girl Is Onodera. She’s too kawaii!! Just because she is pretty hopeless at everything, she is exceptionally cute. However Chitoge is catching up (in the manga) and that is not good because Chitoge is great at, well… Everything!

The Longest Game over Screen


Whether or not I am giving a pummeling to Yeager In ToV, Exploring the vast lands of Hyrule or laying the smack down on a scrubby Teemo, I am always likely to face the immersion breaking “game over screen” called… life.Read More »

What “Ty” Think Of… Yowamushi Pedal

Being a teen aged boy, I thirst for the adrenalin and spasmodic moments in anime more then I want to believe. However as of recently I have managed to suppress that thirst with an exponential amount of Shoujo and other slice of life or romantic anime. But like a vampire dieting on only animal blood (aka Edward Collin) my Shounen heart beats rapidly for the simple, silly, action packed moments that is only obtained through watching shounen anime. On a curious day, I found what I was looking for but at the same time it wasn’t (by default) what I was “looking” for. I found Yowamushi Pedal.

Image                                  Read More »

Persona 4 Golden The Animation Announced and Set For July Airing


Today the P4A twitter page announced that the Persona 4 animation series would be reboot by A1-Pictures, the animators of Space Brothers, Sword art Online and Accel world (to name a few).The musical score will continue to be produced by Meguro Shouji. He did the music for many of the Shin Megami tensei games and it’s dozens of spin-offs so a familiar name should be good to hear for you SMT fans. The cast of characters revealed for the anime series is as follows:

” Production: Naue Yu: Hanamura Yosuke: Satonaka Chie: Yukiko Amagi: Kanji Tatsumi: Kuji Lise: bear: Shirogane Naoto: Ryotaro Dojima: Nanako Dojima: Toru Adachi: Igor: Margaret and Marie”, and a new character to the Persona 4 anime (as far as I know since I never played the game) 

As taken and translated from the official P4A website.


Personally, I am very surprised that a series like Persona 4 the animation would be rebooted although it will have new character(s) and indicative to the trailer, a brand new arc, I just don’t see why a reboot is necessary. I haven’t played a Persona game other than Arena and I have only watched the orginal Persona 4 anime so I can only assume a lot of vital content was left untouched in the original.

Additional information on the anime series can be found on the official website for persona @