THIS IS WHY I LOVE HUNTER X HUNTER!!! – My thoughts and Interpretation on Netero’s moment

Image                  “you don’t understand a thing… man’s potential for evolution is limitless” After watching episode 126 of Hunter X Hunter I have been in a state of complete equilibrium with the exponential amounts of “hype” and calm contempt. Hunter X Hunter episode 126 defines why I love the anime as it is (for a lack of better words) epic yet ingenious. Read More »


The demo made me default but now I’m bravely playing the game!

Part one of my impressions of the game and my first blog on WordPress! I will slowly get this done the more I play sharing good and bad moments until I feel like my impressions are fully conveyed.


After losing ten tries of the Bravely Default demo due to my indecisiveness of playing the game I finally decided to just try the damn game by purchasing it off the Nintendo E-shop. It was a very brave attempt on my part because before I was defaulting (no pun intended) and was playing a lot of fighting games (UMVC3, Super street fighter 4) so I hadn’t had any experience with a JRPG since well; final fantasy 13-2 on my 360. However, I must say after playing my first eight hours of the game my love for JRPGs has been re-sparked.Read More »